torstai       17-23 

perjantai    17-23 

lauantai     17-23

keittiö        21:30

Summer 2021


Garlicbread 7€   

Roasted garlicbread, tomato-tapenade and basil

Burrata 9€                                                                         

Roasted garlicbread, semi-dried tomato, burrata and oliveoil

Steamed Bun 9€
Steamed bun, pulled beef korean-style, kimchimayonnese and spicy pickles


Pasta 12€  / 18€

Tagliatelle, chanterelle, truffleoil and mascarpone

Gratinated snails 13€
Garlic- parsley- and lemonbutter

Toast Skagen 12€
Shrimp bread, mayonnese, roe, dill, marinated redonions


Crispy Chicken Sandwich 17€
Fried chicken, focaccia, garlicmayonnese, pickles, hot sauce, sallad and fries

Beef tonnato sandwich 17€

Pulled beef, tuna, focaccia, tomatosalsa and parmesanfries

Moules & frites 19€
Moules, roasted garlicbread, fries and rouille
Fish of the day 29€
Fish of the day, finnish summer potatoes, vegetables and pesto
Bulled beef and cafe de paris gravy 29€
200g bulled beaf, cafe de paris-gravy, finnish summer potatoes, vegetables and  Mojo sause


Chanterellepasta 9€

Fries 6€, with parmesan 8€

Garlicbread 4€



Creme brulee  9€

Coffee 3€

Double-espresso 4,20€